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Our Story


We believe that breakfast should be bolstered by artistry and passion.

Our chef-driven concept is led with soul, where the emphasis lies on the people that produce, create, serve and consume our fresh, iconic cuisine. On your plate? Familiar classics balanced with unreplicatable fare you simply won’t find anywhere else.

With the philosophy of “learn, teach and inspire,” our welcoming spaces each tell their own unique stories. Together, we provide an exceptional, ever-evolving experience – leaving you soul-full.

Our Chef

Who Is Mauro?

Our spirited founder and classically trained Chef, Mauro Martina, has cultivated a culture that prioritizes connection and genuine food integrity.

Mauro spent his childhood in Italy, exposed to fresh, rich ingredients of local markets on a daily basis. For Mauro, these experiences were centered on incredible food, but more importantly, connecting with those who cultivated their bounties with love.

With his culinary foundation built in Europe, Mauro moved to North America in 1992. It was here that he embarked on his career as an executive chef at just 21. Mauro quickly climbed the ranks and in 2009, he fed his entrepreneurial spirit by forging a farm-to-table experience for the meal that fuels us all – breakfast.

Today, Mauro remains at the helm of OEB and its growth – bringing his unmistakable energy to farmers fields’, bustling OEB spaces and vibrant kitchens.

Our Vision


OEB was established in 2009; built on big aspirations and small-town values.

We pride ourselves on a vision that supports our people – from farming partners, to chefs, managers, employees, and finally, our incredible guests. We aim to invest in, educate and broaden horizons with every connection we make.

The people at OEB possess a deep love of food, giving staff the confidence to excite and welcome guests. The OEB menu is purposeful, filled with items that simply can’t be made at home, balanced by lighter fare and vegan options. There is heart and integrity behind the quick, well-executed service at OEB, and employees take the initiative to get to know each other and guests personally. Understanding that breakfast is the best place for honest, good connection.

With distinct locations and plans to grow, OEB pushes the culinary boundaries of breakfast food to bring you the best in quality and craftsmanship – and we’re sticking to it.

Our Values

what do we stand for?

Outstanding People – From our talented suppliers, to our staff and loyal customers. We’re a company led with heart and soul, prioritizing personality, connection and values above all else. You see it through our friendly and familiar service, and we feel it in every interaction.

Embracing Evolution – From new dishes to new locations. We have confidence in our growth and change, because we make every move with intention. We push culinary boundaries without losing sight of our humble foundation.

Bold Food Integrity – From farm-to-table in our practice and mentality. We serve unreplicated fare balanced with familiar, well-made classics. We pride ourselves on favoring seasonal, fresh ingredients at all costs, nurtured with love from our partners.

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